25 October 2011

Ten on Tuesday: all you need is love

10 things I'm absolutely LOVING today are, ahem:

1. Chilly autumn weather has finally arrived! I awoke at five AM for work and immediately knew that sweater weather was right outside my door. That alone has made my day awesome.
2. A waffle with boysenberry syrup is one of my favorite meals. It is so simple and delicious and downright heartwarming.
3. Reuniting with a peer from elementary school days can be either scary or exciting. We ended up both working for the same company but at different locations, and I must say that she is still as sweet as she was when we were seven. We ended up talking about our siblings and when I mentioned that my lil bro is in high school now she just about died. "I remember when he was born," she said. How crazy is that?! 
4. One of my favorite things to do with J is watch British television. We especially like the crime dramas and it can be said that we are addicted to "Blood in the Wire." The main character has many of the same idiosyncrasies that the beloved Sherlock Holmes has. 
5. Numero cinco on my list is actually a person! We laugh, we cry, we bake, we eat, and we "die" whenever we discover "the best thing ever." Mandy, you are my shining star. I love you very much! 
6. I can't get enough of design blogs. I really want to recover one of my chairs (looks sorta like this, but it's a powder blue color) in a rich velvet and pipe the seams. OH, that would be beautiful. I wish I could upholster. 
7. This weekend I was gifted a few heirlooms by mama. She gave to me a beautiful chocolate brown pitcher to use when I am mixing drinks. It belonged to my step-grandfather and is about 50 years old. 
8. I know this may make me sound like a crazy but I am actually loving that I have two tests tomorrow. I get to study what I love (relationships) and then I get to leave class early! (I don't sound mad now, right?)  
9. For the last few weeks, ... okay, it's been months, I have been desiring a new hairstyle. Lately, I have been loving the long layers and blunt bangs look. I think it would be just the right amount of change for my hair.
10. Last but not least, I am loving the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy and I cannot explain how thrilled I am that The Hobbit films will be released in a couple years! If this makes me a nerd, that's quite all right; I can accept that.

What have you been loving today?

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skippysays said...

Aw, what a great list :) I hope your tests went well!