29 November 2011

Ten on Tuesday: TV

I used to have one, if not several, tv show to watch for each night of the week when I was a teen. Even now, during a time where I do not have cable, I manage to keep up with my favorite programs with the help of Hulu+ and Netflix Instant. Some of my preferred shows are super cheesy but I love them all the same.

1. Grey's Anatomy: I've watched this show since day one! I love the characters and the crazy plot lines and the tangled relationships. They keep coming up with even more scary situations and I can't get enough of it all.
2. LOST: Oh...my...goodness. If you haven't seen this show, you must! The twists and turns this show will take you on will blow your mind! The whole reason I started watching this show in the first place wasn't because it looked amazing in previews; it was because Dominic Monaghan was cast as a semi-main role. *Swoon*
3. Dexter: A modern-day murdering Robin Hood. Dexter is always adrenaline-inducing and that rush I get from watching him in action is just too intense for words.
4. One Tree Hill: Here's where it gets super cheesy. This is another show that I've watched since the beginning. I am so happy that it's on Netflix now because I can rewatch the old episodes with Peyton and Lucas.
5. Gilmore Girls: One of the best shows of my lifetime, hands down. I feel that my mom and I are very similar to Lorelei and Rory. We're just a tad a less crazy.
6. Pushing Daisies: I LOVED THIS SHOW and it was cut too short. The costumes, the scenery, the story... everything was perfect! Brian Fuller is one of the best show creators, in my humble opinion.
7. The X-Files: The sexual tension between Mulder and Scully is palpable. Aside from their relationship, I've always enjoyed the paranormal and this show feeds into that interest.
8.Modern Family: What really gets me is that the writers and actors do a really great job of driving home a genuineness that isn't found in a lot of shows these days and that one of the main ideas of this show is to laugh at our mistakes and be who we want to be. It is brilliantly written and the jokes are very well timed and I find myself laughing out loud whenever this show is on.
9. Boy Meets World: Do I need to even explain this one? I grew up with this show, like many others, and I can't help the love I feel for the characters. Mr. Feeny is one of my favorite teacher characters EVER.
10. How I Met Your Mother: Another hilarious show about real life and relationships. NPH and Segel are so fraking funny! If you watch it, be ready for a bunch of shenanigans.

Honorable mentions: HOUSE, Mercy, Jeopardy, Top Gear, NCIS, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars + Chloe King, Revenge, The Office, 30 Rock, The Simpsons...
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