21 April 2012

in a nutshell

I feel like school has taken over my life! I suppose that is appropriate since I am planning on graduating in June of next year. On top of that, the wedding is approaching at what seems to be warp speed; we'll be working on our stationary, save the dates and invites and whatnot, in June and I intend on sending out the former in August.
I have a whole new position at work as a "Community Coordinator," which is basically another manager position since I research, organize and manage any fundraising and catering that occurs in our location. It's a lot of fun! I love the networking aspect of it and also the getting out of the store aspect. This new position is a great change of pace.
J has been working very hard on certifications for his job. He has classes next week that will keep him incredibly busy. He's great with our little Bunster; they're practically joined at the hip when they're together. They go up to the dog park all the time to run with her big lab and shepherd friends. She is also bffs with this tiny black dog named Sing Tjing, the emperor of the dog park. It's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen.
Oh, and we're remodeling the bottom level of our little home. No more wall-to-wall carpet! Yay!

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