06 September 2011


Hello there. So, maybe I'm being a tad dramatic with my post title, but I am serious about DIYing. After I complete a few fleece blankets and some aprons, I will move on to some of these projects. You can find information for all of these delights below.

1. This dress is one of Colletterie's new patterns. I love the cute little sleeves! 2. Wouldn't it be great to use maps from past road trips to line your dresser drawers? 3. I think mingling moss, something very organic, with a favorite saying is so fresh. 4. These balloons are from an LA company, Geronimo. The metallic tassels and delicate ribbon makes these great, round ballons look so animated. It would definitely be a treat to receive a balloon like that. 5. Coraline is one of my favorite movies. Peanut butter cookies are delicious. Combining the two = most adorable mini-cookie ever. 6. This citrus salt body scrub is actually courtesy of Paula Dean. And no, there is no butter in the recipe. Believe me, I checked. 7. Oh, how I wish I kept all of my old house keys. This little shadowbox is definitely a great idea for someone who calls many places home. 8. GIANT KNIT BLANKET. The instructions call for 1.5" PVC piping as the needles. How crazy-awesome is that?! 9. I've become really interested in jewelry construction and it seems that beaded/braided/weaved jewelry is becoming a major trend again. The nice thing about this specific one is it can be worn both as a bracelet and as a necklace. 10. Bokeh photography is something I have not yet attempted but this lens sheet DIY seems totally easy and is super cute.

What's your next DIY project?

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Mandy Hope said...

Love the name. Love the DIY. Love you.