08 September 2011


I had a very strange and realistic dream last night. Most everyone I know was present, even "THE SMOOCH." We were going to some foggy, magical school when we were forced to leave. We were all running toward a safe-house in the hills, where the paint colors and portraits on bedroom doors were constantly changing. After we settled in there, we were forced to leave again. This time, we all rode buses to an undisclosed location. Somehow, my bus's inhabitants figured out that there was something wrong and we managed to guilt trip our driver into letting us go. He left us in a very urban, yet desolate, setting (think parking garages and a lot of concrete). I don't remember much after that.

This dream has me thinking though. What would I have done in that situation? Would I have just gone along with "their" plan or would I have questioned that plan and their authority? I hope it would be the latter.
What would you do?


Mandy Hope said...

I would cry. And I'd probably ask you what we should do. I'm not good at making decisions.
PS: Loved that you considered The Smooch "someone you know." Lawlz.

Mandy Hope said...

UGHHH, why do you have to "approve" comments? BIG SISTER. Are you going to have blog burnings, too!?