27 September 2011

Poetry Shmoetry

Yesterday, Mandy and I had so much time before our last class that we decided to be creative and write some poems. We hope you will enjoy them!

#1, based on the style of e.e. cummings...The Pumpkin Poem written by an orange pen

Creative Juices... pumpkins (in a patch)
                I wait.
Orange. Small. Green. c o l o r s.
                I wait.
Dark. Lonely. WAIT I C A CHILD.
                Pick me with thievery.
               With lust for seed(s).
L(onely) O(ut)L(ier)
Pumpkin. eye sea it.
               Long stem 
                        and curly tail ........ just kidding. Or am I?
Pumpkin with a tale. (See what I did there)
Juicy with juices. 
OH. We are waiting.
Lady gaga?
Kat Lassie?

C O L O R S.

#2, Attractive Nooses

Keep me warm + dead
hanging me, around my neck
attracting hipsters. BUFANDA!
No trust. Thanks, Mandy. -___-

#3, Two Hands (a haiku)

Two hands for grabbing
Two hands, give them to me now
I need your two hands

#4, I love you, Disneyland

Dear Mickey,
You are a mouse and I have a hickey. Unrelated thoughts: Where is Mrs. Pots? The mermaid-- we sit in her clam. Where the poops is Belle!? (Unrelated thoughts.) 
Sanctuary. Sanctuary? Sanctuary!
I (hunchback) you.
<3 Minnie

Dear Reader,
I really wish I was at Disneyland right now instead of waiting for my last class.
Kate and Mandy

And our final poem of 26 September: F-book, F-U.

I had to quit you
like Heath Ledger had to quit life
(this time no drugs,
just pokes).

My wall will crumble like the Berlin wall.
(Do you get it...? Good.)

My statuses... wil become tweets.
My notes... will become blogs.
My photos... will still be photos.
My life ... will actually be a life.
Harsh. Troof.

Frankly Facebook, I don't give a poopz.
Zuck it, Zuckerburg.
(See what I did there? I hope so.)
Signing out! (4ever?)

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Mandy Hope said...

Bahahaha, I cannot wait to write more.