03 October 2011

Hello, friends!

I've been a horrible blogger by not posting this past week. I've just been so tired with school and work and life in general. I hope you all are enjoying the fact that it is October!!! I thought this time of year would never come and now that I've finally settled in here at the Casa de Catalpa, things couldn't be better. I'm thinking about having a Halloween movie night and maybe a jack-o-lantern carving contest... What are your thoughts?
Also, stay tuned this week for a video or two (if I can adjust my A/V issues) and possibly some outfit posts. I'm thinking about doing a closet challenge. You should join me! 


The Bookness said...

Don't feel bad for not blogging. Feel good and blog more. Believe me it helps. Blog shouldnt be something you NEED to do, shopuld be something you want to do. =)
Im following now and maybe youll visit me someday.


Kait H. said...

Found your blog randomly when looking at kendi's blog! I can relate to your busy-ness
seems like the fall just flies by!
you should def do some outfit pics/closet challenge that sounds so fun!!


Kait H. said...

ps we almost spell our name the same way! :)