20 September 2011

Ten on Tuesday: Comfort food take-out

10. Egg Flower Soup from China China restaurant in Chula Vista is the most delicious, simple soup I've ever had and always comforts me when I am feeling ill.

9. Mashed Potatoes from KFC are so fluffy and yummy. Usually, I wouldn't go for totally smooth potatoes, but when I'm down in the dumps, I go for KFC's fluffy cloud in a styrofoam cup.

8. When I am interested in getting an ice-blended coffee drink, I drive to Redlands to partake in something great from Augie's. The mocha is my favorite! You should try it some time.

7. Village Pizzaria in Coronado has the most ah-mazing fried artichoke hearts with OH MY GOD SO GOOD garlicy butter spread.

6. Every time I am in a state that has a Cracker Barrel, I have to stop in and get Eggs in a Basket, which in turn makes me think of "V for Vendetta" and then I want more. :)

5. Two Guys in San Bernardino has the hands down BEST pasta and bread. Seriously, try it. You'll think so, too.

4. It's not take out, but a good grilled cheese makes me feel oh-so-good in return. My favorite: roast beef, sharp cheddar, bleu cheese butter and caramelized onions. Mmmmm...

3. Thai Peanut Chicken from Papaya Bay, also in Redlands, served with an appetizer of "money bags" are another favorite meal. I can't tell you how good these two things are together... life changing dishes, I swear.

2. My Delight Cupcakery in Ontario lives up to the name. The cupcakes served here are absolutely delightful; the breakfast cupcake is a must try!

1. When I want a great sub sandwich, I will go to My Hero in San Bernardino or BK subs, which has three convenient locations in the tri-city area. Stand aside Quizno's and Subway, there's a new sandwich in town! Anything with avocado is usually my choice.

Now that I am thoroughly hungered, I am off to complete what seems to be a daunting to-do list. I have a lot to do before work today! I hope a nap is somewhere in my future... toodles!

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Mandy Hope said...

I want Papaya Bay! Ohhhh my gosh, that sounds so good right now!