22 September 2011

Thursday Thoughts: First day of school/Aftermath of a house flood

So, I start school tomorrow. This is my... 17th "first day of school," counting preschool and kindergarten of course. I'll be attending a big university and the thought of a new school, with new people and classes, is both frightening and exhilarating. I understand that usually the only topic on the first day of school is the syllabus but I'm nervous that I'll still be unprepared. How silly is that? Although technically, I am unprepared. I don't have my books or a cute binder or a folder or even paper! OH MY GOSH I AM NOT READY.

Okay. I'm done freaking out. On second thought, I'm not. Let me explain why:
About a month and a half ago, our toilet flooded the bottom floor of our house. It ended up being a clog in the main line. The contractors arrived, removed some carpet padding, tore out some baseboards and drywall, dried the carpets and left. At times, I will walk in and immediately smell toilet water residue in the carpet. :( Needless to say, we have been waiting and waiting for them to return so our home can be normal again. Alas, they have waited until this Saturday at 730 AM to come back and fix everything and unfortunately J will be at his grandma's, re-roofing her house, and I was going to be busy with family and projects I've been meaning to finish. UGH. So, tonight we will be moving all the furniture out of the living room until Tuesday night, when J and I can move it all back. Don't misunderstand this rant as me whinging  about them fixing the carpet... I'm just irritated that it has taken six weeks for them to do so and that my life is being totally inconvenienced, because everything is really about me.
What?... You didn't know that? Well, now you do.

ANYWAY, if you read through all of that, thanks. I appreciate the time you just wasted on my woes. Perhaps I should have put a note prior to the above paragraph stating that it could have been skipped. Oh well!

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Mandy Hope said...

Just breathe, my deary. We'll be okay!!