13 September 2011

Ten on Tuesday: Home Items Edition

I'm taking a page out of MaGodard's book and picking my top 10 favorite items that can be found in my house. The majority is rather uninteresting, but that makes sense since I am probably most happy when everything is uncomplicated. (These are in no particular order.)

10. Zester/juicer - It's hand held, it's lime green, it's two-in-one. This little fellow comes in handy when making orange sauce for chicken and dressings for salad. It's one of the best gifts I've ever received from J.

9. The living room curtains - My wonderful mother sewed some rather wonderful curtains for J and I earlier this summer. The fabric consists of a great mustardy green background and a repeating cream-colored blossom pattern. See for yourself:

8. Books! - I must have over 100 books by now. They range from cook books to fiction novels to texts on different religions. I think winter may be my favorite season because I love to curl up with a good book and a blanket while I listen to the rain.

7. The "Elvis bag" - I just recently purchased this adorable blue bag from Payless Shoe Source and it has quickly become my favorite handbag despite it's tinyness. Somehow it manages to fit my rather large wallet, my keys, the blackberry, a small pouch full of discount cards, and still has room to spare! I swear it's a Mary Poppin's bag.

6. Desk - I've had it for about 7 years now and I still love it. It features 3 tiers (top = lamp, palm/apple painting by MaGodard and button storage space; middle = MacBook and cute storage boxes for paperwork and journals, bottom = usually for a keyboard, currently for extra storage for randoms) in a light woodgrain with curved metal legs with what looks like ladder rungs. It's pretty nifty.

5. Bread box (Blue) - This was an impulse purchase from the almighty Target (as were many other things). I love old fashioned items with a purpose! I hate keeping bread in the cabinet, where it takes up valuable space. This baby stays on top of the microwave for now (until we get a microwave that goes above the stove :). 

4. Baked goods - Okay, so currently we have none in the house because our oven door still won't open, but usually there is a little something on the dining room table, whether it be berry crumb bars or cupcakes. However, we will be breaking out the bread maker (get it? Breaking ... bread... :) pronto, so the house will smell delicious soon enough.

Blueberry Crumb Bars - They look EXACTLY like the picture and they are SO, SO good!*

3. Ward sewing machine - This item was given to me by the Mom. I'm in the process of several little projects right now. All of which I will try to share with you!

2. Kat Lassie - This little ginger snap is J's childhood cat. She's usually very sweet but if the humans somehow wrong her, she'll let them now. She's quite quirky; she'll only drink water out of glasses, she'll lay on your chest while you're sleeping and she likes to have conversations. 

1. Record Player - Some evenings, when I have to work late, I'll come home to a delicious dinner of pasta and red wine with Ella Fitzgerald or Death Cab or The Beatles or whatever playing on the stereo. I can't tell you how nice this is. It's one of my favorite things that J does; I'm not sure if he even realizes it.

So there it is! The Top 10 items that can be found in our humble abode! Until next time!

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Mandy Hope said...

I like number two and seven. I want number seven. Now.