23 September 2011


My first day of university wasn't all I thought it would be. I had three out of four of my scheduled classes and none of them seem that difficult. I am glad, however, that I am finally able to just focus on my major. I find the human mind so fascinating. I actually like watching specials on solitary confinement, the science of sex appeal, etc. Now I get to take classes about what I've seen in these documentaries and talk about these subjects. Overall, it was an okay day. I just need to remember to take some food with me because I was starving when I got home. Luckily, all of my teachers are okay with students eating in class!  WOOHOO!

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Mandy Hope said...

Oh my goodness, right? I attacked my food when Marina and I went to Chipotle! I believe it was a very successful day for both of us! :]