22 November 2011


Limitless (Bradley Cooper, Abby Cornish, Robert De Niro) features a down-on-his-luck writer (Cooper) who discovers a top-secret nootropic drug that increases his focus, his learning curve and his ability to read social cues and situations.  I think it would be incredible to tap into the surplus of unused neurons and synapses (not brain matter!) in order to use my time more efficiently, but I don't think I would want to have the traits permanently; I feel like I would become very anxious/paranoid as a result of the increased stimuli.

What would do if you could remember anything and everything you've ever seen, felt, heard or read? Would you take a drug that would make you, in a sense, super human? How would you use your newfound power if you did?
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(Images/Videos in this post are not my own; both were used as marketing tools for the movie.)

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Meesch said...

That was such a good movie! But in regards to remembering everything and anything... I would never want to do it - you'd never be able to be curious again because you would pretty much just know everything, and curiosity is what makes life so much fun!